How to make a house model using popsicle sticks and Led lights

Building house models with popsicle sticks is a unique experience. The work allows us to be creative and make any idea become reality. This house model is the fruit of our labor. The design is very modern and it includes green spaces and a rooftop bar. Also, it is decorated with easy-to-work-with Led lights, which […]

How to make a model of Nobita and Doraemon’s house with colored popsicle sticks

Doraemon is a famous character that has been a part of everyone’s childhood. There is no way you can forget the warm house of Nobita and Doraemon. So, relive your childhood memory with! We will show you all the steps on how to make a model of Nobita and Doraemon’s house with colored popsicle […]

How to make a Popsicle Stick House and Garden with template

How to make a popsicle stick house

How to make a popsicle stick house? This post summarizes the most common practices and include helpful free drawings. Not only that, here you can also buy special drawings designed by FoBIRD. 1/The first model of popsicle stick house that we introduce, is also the simplest popsicle stick house model. So we’ve summarized how in […]

DIY Miniature Modern Mansion house with funitures

DIY Miniature Modern Mansion house with funitures

This is one of the classic designs that appeared on the internet about 8-9 years ago. However, nobody knows the real designer behind this masterpiece. Many have put their skill to the test but the results always lack delicacy. The measurements are off, which leads to an unbalance in the final products. It would be […]

DIY Miniature Mansion with Work room, Living Room, Bedroom, Relaxing room, etc…

Wooden stick house

As we all know, wooden sticks is one of the most popular material to make handmade models among craftmans. With the skillful hands of ours, we could make anything even the world’s wonders like the Eiffel of France or the Coliseum of ancient Rome. Beside, these wooden sticks can also be craft into model houses […]

How to make a Wooden Stick House with LED light

Wooden stick house with LED light

It was by chance that I pick up an architecture book and find these beautiful mansion models, modernly designed. Instantly, I thought of a new wooden sticks models, recreating that modernity. In the end, a sketch was made and followed by a replica base on that very idea. Hopefully, with this prototype, you will have […]

Decorating greensward for minitaure house

Home model that are made from popsicle sticks or bamboo sticks are generally little. So, the usual 2cm tall greensward will not sufficient for the model as the green are pretty thick and big. In this page, will present you the type of greensward that are made for miniature home in order to satisfy […]

The materials for bamboo sticks house and where to buy them

The hobby of making models and houses out of bamboo sticks is getting more and more famous, the preparation, anyway can become pretty a struggle for fresh beginners. So, this page will list out all the necessaries as well as how to get them easily and most conveniently for the readers. Bamboo sticks “Bamboo stick […]