DIY Miniature Mansion with Work room, Living Room, Bedroom, Relaxing room, etc…

Wooden stick house

As we all know, wooden sticks is one of the most popular material to make handmade models among craftmans. With the skillful hands of ours, we could make anything even the world’s wonders like the Eiffel of France or the Coliseum of ancient Rome. Beside, these wooden sticks can also be craft into model houses […]

How to make a Wooden Stick House with LED light

Wooden stick house with LED light

It was by chance that I pick up an architecture book and find these beautiful mansion models, modernly designed. Instantly, I thought of a new wooden sticks models, recreating that modernity. In the end, a sketch was made and followed by a replica base on that very idea. Hopefully, with this prototype, you will have […]

Decorating greensward for minitaure house

Home model that are made from popsicle sticks or bamboo sticks are generally little. So, the usual 2cm tall greensward will not sufficient for the model as the green are pretty thick and big. In this page, will present you the type of greensward that are made for miniature home in order to satisfy […]

The materials for bamboo sticks house and where to buy them

The hobby of making models and houses out of bamboo sticks is getting more and more famous, the preparation, anyway can become pretty a struggle for fresh beginners. So, this page will list out all the necessaries as well as how to get them easily and most conveniently for the readers. Bamboo sticks “Bamboo stick […]

Building popsicle stick Pagoda with tree and LED light

Popsicle stick pagoda

There are pretty a few popsicle sticks house, anyway, the models are generally made accessible without specific instructions. In this page, FoBird will guide you how to make house with Popsicle sticks with architectural motivation  from the court. Hopefully after this page, you will be capable to make yourself wonderful models to show or offer […]

Building Popsicle Stick Mansion with a Lake and Garden

Building Popsicle Stick Mansion

Popsicle stick house become more and more popular. However, it is difficult to find a model of a stick with a tongue full of garden and lake. So, in this article, FoBIRD will send you the design, with detailed instructions on how to make a model home with all the above items. I / Raw […]

Experience in buying miniature building materials

Popsicle Stick

Building a house with popsicle stick is an extremely amazing game. With this game, you will apply glue and link the popsicle sticks to make unique house. Anyway, the house model is just wonderful when you have a best source of materials and the correct tools. And this page will share with you five pieces […]