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Bamboo stick has become more and more popular in the world of artisanal handicraft, with it, we can create all sort of models, from simple ones like coconut trees to highly sophisticated and complicated houses or towers. In this article, the column will introduce to you the kind of bamboo sticks that are frequently used when making a miniature, how to select the suitable kind of bamboo sticks to suffice your needs and the price for each kind.

Bamboo sticks
Bamboo sticks

Introductrion on prevalent bamboo sticks

Numerous kind of bamboo sticks have existed in the market with a wide range of sizes, varies from the small and short one, like toothpick to the ones with larger diameter like BBQ sticks that we use on a daily basis. However, the most common and favourable kind in the world of handmade is the 2.5mm diameter type. The length of the stick is also optional as it depends on the user’s needs which the manufacturers would obligate to, although you should choose the long, simple kind to easily modify its length, while it’s trickier to do so with the short ones.

There is a huge misunderstanding among handicrafters using bamboo sticks. Normally, People call all sort of sticks bamboo stick, but in reality those are not bamboo sticks. Sticks that are not made from bamboo or phyllostachys usually are low-priced, easily bent and lack the surface finish due to the chemical bleach. The material to creat them is Bambusa Nutans (belongs to the Poaceae family) but in term of flexibility is inferior to its counterparts.

Conventional bamboo sticks are easy to break
Conventional bamboo sticks are easy to break

If the bamboo stick you purchase really has high quality then it has to be made from the body of bamboo or phyllostachys. Best of all is from phyllostachys. This type has a natural ivory colour without any help from chemical substant. With that, it can also maintains the surface finish of the stem as well as the flexibility. Should you choose this kind of bamboo stick to create a homemade model, it would be immaculate. Even the most meticulous and challenging details can be achieved with this kind of stick.

FoBIRD's bamboo sticks are very flexible
FoBIRD’s bamboo sticks are very flexible

Beside this usual white bamboo stick, a brown type of bamboo is also common in making a miniature sticks. During the making of this particular stick, in order to create the colour for the bamboo stick, they would soak and boi the stem with plain water at high heat over night. After boiling, the stem wears a colour brown and would be sharpened into stick with 2.5mm diameters by machine. This brown would become the hight light for the model. In fact, models with brown stick look more striking and picturesque.

Stick house with Brow-White bamboo sticks
Stick house with Brow and White bamboo sticks

Tutorial video make Brow and White bamboo sticks

At the moment, brown bamboo sticks are available on Kheo tay, basically this bamboo sticks are not different from the originally white ones. Still, the expense for it is higher compares to the other, simply because the process to make this kind of bamboo stick takes more steps and is strenuos

Brown bamboo sticks and White bamboo sticks

You can rest assure about the identical of bamboo sticks from Kheo tay. Sticks are made by advanced machinery with high accuracy, therefore the tip of the sticks are all round and even. Subsequent to being put through machine, , the sticks are being sorted carefully again prior to being tied into a bundle and delivered to customers.

Head of the bamboo sticks
Head of the bamboo sticks

What should be used to cut bamboo stick

When making a models with bamboo sticks, you should consider your cutting  tool as well. To make a fast and clear cut without breaking the sticks to piecees, a pair of heavy-duty scissors is necessary. In my experience when it comes to making houses by toothpicks, using pruning clippers will provide 3-5 time faster than other tools (nail clippers, scalper, etc.,)

Video on cutting bamboo sticks and popsicle sticks


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