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As we all know, wooden sticks is one of the most popular material to make handmade models among craftmans. With the skillful hands of ours, we could make anything even the world’s wonders like the Eiffel of France or the Coliseum of ancient Rome. Beside, these wooden sticks can also be craft into model houses with unique styles and designs. In this article, FoBIRD will show you how to make a 4 stories wooden stick mansion with gorgeus LED light.

Link to buy the drawing:

Link to buy the KIT:

DIY Miniature Mansion with Work room, Living Room, Bedroom, Relaxing room, etc...
DIY Miniature Mansion with Work room, Living Room, Bedroom, Relaxing room, etc…

How to make it

Step 1: Buy and download the drawing

Step 2: Make the frame of level 1 of the mansion

Cut the model cardboards according to the size in the layout to make the foundation of each floor

Then cut the amboo sticks to the size in the layout. The blueprint we send you should contain all the size, which make it easier for you to make the model)

Next, arrange the wooden sticks on the layout’s surface in order (you should combine the use of white and brown wooden sticks to make a highlight on each wall) then glue them together with glue

After finishing all the walls in the 1st floor, join them together on the foundation we’ve prepared previously.

With the plain walls without window or door, your only concern is to arrange them nicely and evenly

Next, make the partitions inside to separate the rooms. You need to pay close attention to the positions of the walls to avoid misplace them.

Step 3: Make the furnitures for each room of the 1st floor

In our previous articles, we have gave you the detailed guide on how to make furnitures like table, chair, kitchen counter,… So, you can revisit these articles or videos we made to make them

The positioning of furnitures is depend on the maker. If you like how we decorate the house, watch the video at the end of this article

You can also make partitions like this to make the house more lively

With this house, we use the grilled wall to separate the kitchen and the living room

Step 4: Make the stairs

Each step of the stair is 3cm long and has the wideness of 3 wooden sticks

Then just attach the steps together to make a stair for each floor

Notice that the size must be precise in order to attach fittingly into walls and other partitions

Next, glue the stair to the wall, making a path to the 2nd floor

Step 5: Make the frame and the furniures for the 2nd floor of the mansion

Similarly to step 1, the layout of the 2nd floor is not much of a different. Follow these steps

First, cut the wooden sticks to the size given in the blueprint then place them on the sheet contain the layout of the floor

Glue them together and we got this as a result

Remove a 9*9.5cm piece from the foundation to make way to the 3rd floor

Next, attach the walls and partitions of the 2nd floor

What’s differenent from the 1st floor is that there will be no kitchen so the furnitures in this floor will be beds, TVshelfs, bookshelf, closets,… instead of dining table and kitchen counters,…. With these furnitures, Kheo tay has also introduce you how to make them in other articles and videos. You can check them out to find out the detailed tutorials.

After making all the furnitures, you simply place them inside according to your will

A mansion should have a balcony. To make the house glowing with the LED light, use the clear plastic sheet to make the rail.

Don’t forget to place the stair on the position you’ve made previously

Step 6: Make the frame and the furniures for the 3rd floor of the mansion

Do it similarly to step 2 to make the foundation of the 3rd floor.

The original surface of the 3rd floor

This floor is mainly use to serve the purpose of enteraining so we will place a mini bar in and a spacious balcony for exercising, if you are a sport person.

The balcony area will take most of the space of the 3rd floor, with the exercising machines would are the highlight of this floor

And here is a inhouse mini bar. It looks ineresting, isn’t it.

The view of the 3rd floor after finished

Step 7: Make the frame for the 4th floor, the highest floor of the mansion

This floor mostly served as a retreat for relaxaion, so it has a large swimming pool. To make this floor is quite simple, you only look at the photo or watch the tutorial video and you can make it in no time.

The rail is glass made of clear plastic sheets so the house has a very modern appearance

Next is the pool made with the blue paper sheet to imitate the water and steps made of simple wooden sticks

Finally, you only need to place them in the right positions on the surface of the 4th floor and it’s done. It looks just like a real swimming pool, isn’t it.

And here are the views of each floor inside the wooden stick mansion

Step 8: Finish the rest and decorate the mansion

Continue by making the eaves for the house to clear the rough edges and make the house looks balanced

You shouldn’t forget to add pots of trees and plants on the balcony or terrace of each floor

The house looks more catching with the help of decorative trees

Next is the patio in the 1st floor. Stack the model cardboards on each other (about 3 of them) then attach wooden sticks with suitable length on.

A house couldn’t lack the fence and the gate

The fence is a combination of plain cardboard and a grilled wall made of small wooden sticks

Similarly, the gate we designed is quite simple, yet very eye catching. You can make other types of gate if you wish

Next is a little garden in the courtyard

You could also separate the garden and the couryard by making a fence and a gate as the above with the colourful flowers to decorate this fence further

To make a small landscape in a corner of the garden, follow the steps of making the pool then put some pebbles in and decorate it with some trees and flowers

Finally, we start wiring the LED light for the house. Glue the wires on the walls with glue

You should use the blue light inside each floor of the house. This way will make your house more stunning at night

The yellow light is the ideal colour for the outside

And so we have finish making this 4 stories wooden stick mansion. It looks quite complicate but if you trully passionate with it, I’m sure that you will find this model worth the time and effort

DIY Miniature Mansion with Work room, Living Room, Bedroom, etc...
DIY Miniature Mansion with Work room, Living Room, Bedroom, etc…

Contemplate at the house glowing in the dark

So, we have give you the guidance necessary for you to make this 4 stories wooden stick mansion. To learn more deails, you can watch the video below. Keep track at the wooden stick house articles by to get the latest update on new articles and videos. Wish you luck making this wooden stick house!

Tutorial video


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