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The hobby of making models and houses out of bamboo sticks is getting more and more famous, the preparation, anyway can become pretty a struggle for fresh beginners. So, this page will list out all the necessaries as well as how to get them easily and most conveniently for the readers.

Bamboo sticks

Bamboo sticks to make models
Bamboo sticks to make models

“Bamboo stick home”, the title is its major ingredient, is not it? Presently, sticks with 2.5mm diameter are the most general. It is advised to pick long ones due to its adjustable length, while little ones need to be joined combine and the link is generally weak and unsightly.

You need to pick the best kind of bamboo sticks, or amazing yet a phyllostachys sticks. This kind of stick generally has a natural white shade, best tractability and green or yellow hue of the bark. It is not advised to purchase affordable sticks due to their origin, the Bambusa Nutans, which will then be whitened with chemical dye. This kind provides out the atypical white colour, brittle and not right for handicraft.

It is top to pick sticks of phyllostachys or bamboo tree

There are different lengths, but the most expedientis in the range 20-50cm, because you can replace its length handily. Aside from its adaptable length, bamboo sticks has its own beauty when it comes to these criteria:

  • The body is polished with velvety
  • Circular, uniform tip
  • It has to remain the raw shade of Vietnamese bamboo, at the same time, bend, flexible at will without destroying it.

Above are some of our experiences on picking bamboo sticks for miniature homes. You can buy them at handicraft stores or at this page:

Selling bamboo sticks for handmade houses and models

Pruning clippers

Pruning clippers
Pruning clippers

Pruning clippers are one of the important tools when making bamboo sticks. With this, every fixing and cutting process would be much more relieved. Sticks being cut by clippers are not cracked, destroyed or more attractive on the surface. In our experience, using this clippers will push your process 3-5 times quicker matching with other tools. Introducing video and to change order here.

Decorating LED lights

Decorating LED lights
Decorating LED lights

Your miniature home will be more stunning with LED lights on it. Before, installing LED lights has shown some problems as the light bulbs are sold separately, then you would need to fix energy to a power source. The process is rather time wasting and costly and without cares, you might burn all the bulbs.

To compensate for those flaws, you can apply LED lights strong for your models. This lights have 3 basic colours, which are: blue, white, and yellow. A 1m or 2m would have at least ten bulbs of the same shade, or for the 2m instant, can have twenty bulbs with identical colour. Just quick the lights to the place of your desire and turn on the switch. Fully, economical, simple, and time saving.

Watch the introduction and place your order here.

Decorating greensward and trees

Model of garden villas using combo of model trees and model grass
Model of garden villas using combo of model trees and model grass

The LED lights might make the home more shimmering, but the trees support complete the home and make it one of the type. A charming mansion cannot lack garden, some have a perfect forest right on the road, even. All contributes to be a peaceful and pretty environment. Especially, you can sense actually what was explained when you look at it.

Introducing on greensward and place your order here.

Wooden stick house with LED light
Wooden stick house with LED light

Cardboard base

Nowadays, every models have cardboard for their base, which is exactly a sponge pressed tight with 3mm thickness and smooth out on the area. Its most general width is 30*4mcm to support with locomotion. Further, with this size, you can use it for the base of every floor in your home. For bigger ground, use glue to gather various boards together, forming a bigger piece.

Ordering cardboards here


For their little diameter, bamboo sticks should require only general glue. This is a regular commodity that can be found in any store with a little price.

Sandpaper (glass-paper or emery-paper)

This is the type of paper to smooth and level out area of your spare parts. For instant, using clippers to cut out the extra parts of your wall would leave rough edges, hence this is where sandpaper comes in handy.

Other material

Which can be found here

Above are some big materials for your bamboo sticks house. We hope that this page will advantage you in realising your artisanal techniques. Best of luck!


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