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Building popsicle stick Pagoda with tree and LED light

Popsicle stick pagoda

There are pretty a few popsicle sticks house, anyway, the models are generally made accessible without specific instructions. In this page, FoBird will guide you how to make house with Popsicle sticks with architectural motivation  from the court. Hopefully after this page, you will be capable to make yourself wonderful models to show or offer […]

Building Popsicle Stick Mansion with a Lake and Garden

Building Popsicle Stick Mansion

Popsicle stick house become more and more popular. However, it is difficult to find a model of a stick with a tongue full of garden and lake. So, in this article, FoBIRD will send you the design, with detailed instructions on how to make a model home with all the above items. I / Raw […]

Experience in buying miniature building materials

Popsicle Stick

Building a house with popsicle stick is an extremely amazing game. With this game, you will apply glue and link the popsicle sticks to make unique house. Anyway, the house model is just wonderful when you have a best source of materials and the correct tools. And this page will share with you five pieces […]

2 Ways to make a Pen Stand using ice cream

Crafting with ice cream sticks or may say lolly sticks is amazing and exciting. This pencil stand looks antique. This craft can be used in many ways as an example you may hold your pencils, craft scissors, paint brushes, glue and even toothbrushes. Things you will need: A pack of best ice-cream sticks Arcylic colours […]

How to make a Popsicle Stick House

Popsicle sticks are also called as craft sticks, and they are fun to work with. Instead of throwing away your popsicle sticks after enjoying ice cream or other frozen treats, recycle them in a range of craft projects. Making a house of popsicle sticks is a fun projects for children, and it costs next to […]