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If you are searching to build a house using popsicle sticks, this is helpful page for you. I will send you drawing of the home, accompanied by step by step guides on how to do it. Finally, the page will have more videos so you can top imagine the steps I have taken.

How to make a Popsicle Stick House and Garden
How to make a Popsicle Stick House and Garden

Materials to prepare:

  • Mini glue guns
  • 1*11.5 popsicle sticks: 2kg
  • Carving knives
  • 2*15.0 popsicle sticks: 1kg
  • Model grass lawn: 4 30*30cm panels
  • Candle floss: 40 sticks
  • Model cardboards: 2 30*60 pieces
  • Decorative plants: one combo set
  • Yellow LED: ten bulbs ( with resistors attached)
  • Two decorative yellow and red flower bouquets
  • Handmade battery packs

All above materials are accessible in the Model-Building Combo Set One

Steps to make a popsicle stick house

Step 1: Download the plan of this home, then cut a model cardboard with the same drawing size

Link download popsicle stick house drawing

Step 2:

Use a glue gun to attach the candle floss onto a horizontal popsicle stick, then fast tighten eleven other sticks up vertically, making a wall..

For the wall to be firmly linked, include another stick to the back, parallel to the primary stick.

Step 3: Repeat the similar to create different pieces. Afterwards, link them combine to make a long wall.

Step 4: in turn, link the panels to the model edges cardboard in Step one. At the edges with windows, use a knife to shape the windows. The window size is 4*6 cm, or you can guess the window size to be reasonable. The front door should be bigger than the window, it looks amazing that way..

To create the frame in the window, use a little round stick, cut it into little pieces and link them to the back of the window frame.

Step 5: After linking the walls around the edge of the mode, prepare another model piece cardboard, similar to the one in step one. Place it up as the floor of the 2nd floor.


Step 6: Continue using the popsicle to make walls. Bear in mind to leave area for the balcony.

Step 7: At the junctions between the first and second floor, use 1*11.5 sticks with 2 rounded tips cut off, link them in to cover the spaces.

Step 8: Use a piece which is a mixture of a 19 sticks, guess from the highest point of the tenth, draw two lines diagonally to make a balanced triangle.

Step 9: Cut along the above two diagonal lines at step eight to make a triangle. Repeat similarly to create a second triangle.

Step 10: Attach these two triangle to the home, then link the model cardboard to make a framework for the roof.

Step 11: Use scissors to shape the rounded tips of the 2*15.0 sticks, these sticks should overlap each other, making a thatched roof.

Step 12: Link the possible sticks to make a base plate like Step one. Then repeat similarly to step nine to make another triangle. Then link it to the model to make the right side of the roof for the home.

Step 13: Repeat step eleven to make the right roof of the home.

Step 14: To cover the junction between the 2 roofs, you can utilize the sticks whose two rounded tips were cut off (in step eleven), they are not just to cover the contiguous joints, but also to make a classic roofing effect for the home.

Step 15: Use 1*11.5 sticks to make steps in front of the home. Then use scissors to cut away pointless parts.

Step 16: Cut some decorative glass lawn pieces in little sizes to link onto balcony of the house.

Step 17: Link the door to the home. Here I also take benefit of the remaining sticks in step eleven..

Step 18: Also use the thatching technique to create the front porch. This thatched roof is located on a 2*15.0 stick with 2 rounded tips cut off. Ensure to guess so that the length of the stick is the same as the length of the face porch.

Step 19: Turn the home to its right side, use one 2*15.0 stick with its 2 rounded tips cut off to create the right porch for the home.

Step 20: Use a little drill or a quick screwdriver, drill holes behind the home to insert LED lights.

I use stunning LEDs with a diameter of 5mm, therefore the holes required drilling should be 5mm in diameter, add the LEDs afterward. Bear in mind, the negatives should be on single side, while the positives are on another. That will make it more suitable when writing.

Step 21: The LEDs are joined in a parallel way. Using a yellow LED, gathered handmade power pack. We should have also install a resistor on the circuit.

The handmade battery pack will be installed as below


Step 22: Use a large 60*60cm model cardboard (or it would be firmer if you use a 3-5mm thick wooden board as foundation), use a glue gun to attach four 30*30 grass pieces onto it.

Step 23: Use the combo set of decorative plants to make a forest surrounding the house

After having put down the trees, don’t throw away the unused trees in the combo set just yet. These junk trees can be used to scatter around the lawn to create leave-fall effects

Step 24: Make some additional flower pots for the model, using plastic decorative flowers. Below the pots is a piece of foam to keep the flowers in place.

Step 25: Similar to Step 24, make some flower pots around the model to make it more robust and colorful.

Step 26: Put down a line of trees on the right side of the model, alongside a street lamp post. This light can be turned on and it will light up very brightly.

Above are the steps to make a popsicle stick house. To better understand the steps, you can refer to the video “How to make a Popsicle Stick House and Garde”:


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