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Tell us which model you want to make, we will build it in special FoBIRD style from wooden stick.

The FoBIRD team

Including architects are well trained, have a lot of experience in the field of architectural modeling.

Delivery time

The completion and delivery time is normally around 21-36 days.


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Convenient payment by Paypal, visa, credit card…

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The price of a custom model can range from $199. What model do you want to make? Please let us know and we will send you the price of the product.

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    Complete model

    The Avengers Tower model

    Original price was: USD399.00.Current price is: USD299.00.
    Original price was: USD350.00.Current price is: USD322.00.
    Original price was: USD550.00.Current price is: USD312.00.

    Complete model

    The Eiffel Tower model

    Original price was: USD255.00.Current price is: USD199.00.
    Original price was: USD550.00.Current price is: USD498.00.
    Original price was: USD880.00.Current price is: USD680.00.
    Original price was: USD580.00.Current price is: USD368.00.
    Original price was: USD1,600.00.Current price is: USD1,199.00.