Decorating greensward for minitaure house

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Home model that are made from popsicle sticks or bamboo sticks are generally little. So, the usual 2cm tall greensward will not sufficient for the model as the green are pretty thick and big. In this page, will present you the type of greensward that are made for miniature home in order to satisfy even the biggest demand on aesthetic.

Decorating greensward for minitaure house
Decorating greensward for minitaure house

Introducing specialized greesward for artisan crafts

Specialized greensward picked by has size of 30*30cm per piece. It is truly perfect for your crafts. In comparison, this kind of grass cover is less thick than the usual kind with thinner and smoother grass, top density and bright shade. Further, unlike general greensward, which are sewn by thick thread, this decorating greensward is fixed into the mat by a thin glue layer combine but still promise its attachment.

The grass is made of thin nylon fiber, hence generate a relax and soft sensation when contact. Underneath the grass if a sponge mat which has been pressed thin, this is extremely flexible. When you can curl it anyway you like without breaking the mat. Aside that, thanks to its spongy texture, you can get rid of or add the greensward easily. Using just a pencil and a draw line of your preference, then just cut along the line with a easy grift scalper or any razor.

User manual

The specialized greensward is quite effortless to handle. Just apply a layer of glue beneath the mat and put it on any area that has been prepared beforehand, and let the glue perform the rest of the work. One little note, though is that due its  30*30cm width, more mats will be required if the prepared surface is huge, you can gather different mats together and afterward, perfect out the bonding to look more natural.


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