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Popsicle stick house become more and more popular. However, it is difficult to find a model of a stick with a tongue full of garden and lake. So, in this article, FoBIRD will send you the design, with detailed instructions on how to make a model home with all the above items.

Building Popsicle Stick Mansion
Building Popsicle Stick Mansion

I / Raw materials

Pay attention to buy materials: You should choose to buy stick special stick in the field of handmade. These stickers will meet the high demand for aesthetics, helping your home look beautiful and subtle.

  • Drawings – Comment mail below to send
  • 1 in
  • 2 x 15.0cm
  • Dedicated blade cutter
  • Glue guns and candle holders
  • Decorative tree (coconut tree)
  • Specialized grass cover for the model
  • A blue sheet of paper
  • Covers the model
  • milk glue
  • Orange powders reduce the effect of flowers on the grass

You can find and order the above materials HERE.

II / How to Building Popsicle Stick Mansion

Step 1: Once you have the drawing, draw the floor on the model board and cut off the excess

Step 2: Use a special scissors cutter to cut two round ends of the 1 * 11.5 wood cream stick, then cut the other half of the ice cream stick.

Step 3: Attach the prepared ice cream sticks in step 2 onto the cover of the prepared model in step 1

Step 4: Use the special two-pronged cutter of the wood stick 2 * 15.0. The sticks you keep to make the roof. The stick is attached to the floor prepared in step 3

Step 4: Use short sections 2-3cm to attach them in a vertical line. Then attach the front part of the platform to the door

Step 5: Use two triangular pieces of wood to make the roof frame. (put the ice cream stick into a square, then cut the plate into a triangle)

Step 6: Place the 5cm long bars over each other and attach them to the wall. You make walls in this way, the walls look better

Step 7: Attach the wall to the floor

Step 8: Framing for the roof

If you want to make indoor light bulbs, then you need to connect the wires and LED bulbs at the place you want. How to wire and LED you see in this ARTICLE

Step 9:

Use a model cover to cover the roof. You need to ensure that the roof is balanced, not deviated

Step 10:

Use the rods 2 * 15.0 left over in step 4 to make roofs for the house. You use the gun to glue the candles, stacked the sticks together and rise to the top of the roof.

Step 11: Mix the glue milk with 1: 1 water in a small bowl

Step 12: Use grass orange powder, mix in the mixture at step 11, then drop into the parachute wires and stir up to powder and glue stick to the parachute wire.


Step 13: Dry or dry the strings at the 12th step, then attach them to a wooden cream stick

Step 14: Now attach it to the window of the house to form the grip in front of the window frame. Add this, look at the layout of the house will be less monotonous

Step 15: The remaining powder, you sprinkle them on the grass pattern to create a yellow leaf effect on the grass, looks very beautiful.

Step 16: Details on how to model the lake, I have separated them into a separate article that can be applied to many other similar models. You can refer to that in the article:

Make a swimming pool for model with glue gun


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